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"Galloping on My Dinosaur
And Other Fun Songs for Children"


Larry Thor

This sight is dedicated to the memory of Larry Thor and his creation of the children's album "Galloping on my Dinosaur".

It was my favorite as a child, and now that it has become all but impossible to acquire, I'm sharing it with you.

Rich has done an AMAZING  job with the ripping of the LP to CD.   My gratitude to him always!

All of the songs have been converted to MP3 and posted in The Songs section.  If you would like me to burn it to CD for you, please e-mail me and we'll work out the details.

The reason that I have Cameron's (Larry's son) name on this page is because he's the little tot' in the picture on the back of the album.  I was fortunate enough to know the family in my childhood.

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