Scary Song



Let's sing a scary song
And make it up as we go along
A very, scary song
Singularly fierce and strong
A dangerously scary song

A pair of little children
Were scolded by their dad
He said they were so naughty
It made him very sad

Just about then, a lion
A very hungry beast
Decided that their daddy
Would make a lovely feast

But as he searched for a tender place
For his initial bite
The children jumped on the lion
And chased him out into the night
Out into the cold, dark night

Scary songs are a treat
Better than the songs that are nice and sweet
Scary songs are neat
Singularly hard to beat
A dangerously scary treat

A pirate stood in the darkened room
His pistol in his hand
He had no business being there
No business on dry land

He should have been on the ocean
So the little boy hit him a'clout
He hit him a-crash on the dome-dome
And the pirate went scampering out

He ran like a fiend for the ocean
At a furious and dangerous clip
And now he hides in his cabin
On his miserable pirate ship
His miserable pirate ship

Scary songs are a joy
Joy for every little girl and boy
Like a precious toy
Scary songs are such a joy
For every little girl and boy

The wind was howling in the night
A night as dark as pitch
The little girl reading a storybook
Looked up and saw a witch

The witch had come because she thought
The girl was an easy catch
But she was wrong; the wicked witch
Had more than met her match

The little girl threw her storybook 
At the witch across the room
The silly witch was so surprised
She left without her broom
Took off without her broom

Scary songs are fun
Undeniably for everyone
Now our song is done
Wasn't it a lot of fun
A dangerously lot of fun