We're going on a picnic
Into the woods and far away
Mommy's promised a picnic
Over the next big holiday

I dream about the picnic
And all of the fun that it could be
A picnic would be perfect
If they left it up to me

I'd pick a good location
Under a spreading chestnut tree
Far from civilization
The home of the lizard and bumble bee

Where garter snakes and spiders
Slither around the hornet's nest
Our picnic simply has to have
Only the very best

A weasel would be perfect
Also a group of tiny mice
Running around on an anthill
Oh what a picnic paradise!

Over the lunch and basket
I visualize a swarm of flies
Buzzing around to sample
Mommy's delicious pies

Maybe a hostel farmer
Would offer a bull to chase my dad
He mustn't ever catch him
Or that would make me very sad

Possibly he could chase him
Over a fence and up a tree
What an exciting contest
Such a race could be

Planning for the picnic
Is such a demanding thing for me
It doesn't leave me room for
Any other activity

So I will have to stop all
Speculation and surmise
Then what happens at our picnic
Will be a big surprise