Matinee Lullaby



Lullabies are mostly made for the night
When we are half asleep
When we are tired and haven't the strength
Even for counting sheep

No one's in need of a hushaby
After a busy day
What we could use is a lullaby
Made for our matinee

It mustn't have words that excite us
Or wonderfully strange harmony
It should be something without any fuss
Simple as A-B-C
Offering sleep to me

Now that its quiet time here at high noon
Settle down busy we head
I'll close my eyes and imagine the moon
Over my trundle bed

Then I'll imagine a drifting balloon
Lazily floating away
Sandman's arrived for my afternoon
Sleepy-time matinee

There's nothing here to incite us
Nothing with strange harmony
Just something soft and without any fuss
Simple as A-B-C
Carrying sleep to me